From December 2012 to January 2013, I had the honor of joining the Geological Society's 125th Anniversary Expedition to Antarctica. The expedition was focused on the geology of Antarctica with highlights of the local biology, history, and exploration. Some of the leading scientists on the expedition were Dr. Ian Dalziel, Dr. RIchard Alley, Dr. Rob Dunbar, and Dr. Rudolph Trouw. There were several other extremely influential shipmates I had the pleasure of meeting who also contributed to the great wealth of knowledge aboard the ship and every shipmate has made a major impact on my life. The company that ran the expedition was Cheeseman's Ecology Safaris along with One Ocean aboard the R/V Akademik Ioffe. Everyone running the expedition really went above and beyond my high standards and made this my most memorable trip of my lifetime. With somewhere around 30 land excursions it was hard to remember we were on a boat! The amount of time spent on the actual land in Antarctica and the surrounding islands was unheard of in comparison to other expeditions.The experience was truly remarkable.