One of my good friends was fortunate enough to study a semester in Lennox Head, Australia, and what does a good friend do? Go visit them for a month on their school holiday! Now my friend and I are not your usual tourists, believe it or not we go to places to educate ourselves, I know were nerds! But besides the point upon arriving I lucked out with my flight being the first plane diverted (up to Brisbane instead of Sydney) due to the severe '09 Dust Storm. This was a misfortune that turned into a blessing because the original plan was to drive the entire eastern coast (a bit ambitious I know) but with siding with safety, we decided to avoid the southeast and spend extra time up north. This allowed up more time to make friends with locals and really get to explore. From there I met up with my friend in Byron Bay spending time in the area, then road tripping our way 2,000 km north. We we sure to keep ourselves busy with surfing in Lennox Head, skydiving in Byron Bay, hanging out with koala's and kangaroos at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, hitting the casinos in Brisbane, shopping in Airlie Beach, checking out sand sculptures at Surfers Paradise, experiencing the city life in Cairns and winning tickets aboard a luxury yacht to go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, getting lost Capricorn Caves, doing the tourist thing at the Tropic of Cancer, and hiking down to Wallaman Falls for just a brief overview. One of my goals is to get back to the OZ and hopefully live there in the future.