I am one of the newest members of the Sedna Epic Expedition as an ocean science educator and photographer. Sedna Epic is an all-female, multi year underwater project- involving the study of climate change via snorkeling and scuba diving—that takes place in Canada and Greenland’s High Arctic. The Sedna Epic involves an international team of women ocean professionals working with Inuit communities, specifically girls and young women in the Arctic with a focus on health, wellness, environment and empowerment issues, with our goal of completing a world record breaking 3,000km snorkel relay of the Northwest Passage in 2020 to raise global awareness of climate change. Our continued 2018 expedition helps build local community support by developing Inuit and Inuvialuit leaders to tackle societal and climate change; creating a space for young women and girls to excel in the Sciences, the Arts, and Exploration; and by combining Aboriginal and scientific knowledge to mitigate global warming. We will also be studying and documenting the disappearing sea ice in the Arctic and bringing the Ocean to eye level by using remotely operated vehicles, mobile aquariums, and snorkel safaris.

Huge THANK YOU to my sponsors!