• BSc Geology and Geological Oceanography, minors in Marine Biology and Underwater Archaeology
  • Broad-based skill set, allows her to work in coastal and oceanic environments, utilizing field and laboratory data collection, to evaluate oceanographic processes.
  • Over five years experience in field observations, hydrographic survey, and data collecting and processing
  • Dedicated self-starter, with the ability to lead, work independently or in a team, and follow directions.
  • AAUS Scientific Diver
  • High attention to detail


University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
December 2017                                         
Bachelors of Science in Geology and Geological Oceanography
            Minors: Marine Biology and Underwater Archaeology
President Snowboarding and Ski Club, Divemaster Scuba Club, Travel Chair Surf Club,
Member Geology Club and Student Veterans Club

Study Abroad

University of Texas, Jackson School of Geoscience, Austin, TX
January 2013
Travels in Geology- Antarctica and Scotia Arc: Tectonics, Climate, and Life
Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands, South Georgia

SEA Semester, Woods Hole, MA
December 2014
Global Oceans Program
New Zealand

Continued Education

Université de Genève, Switzerland
August 2016
Submerged Paleolandscape
Porto Cheli, Greece

Universidade of São Paulo, 
December 2016
Geologic Sampling Equipment
São Paulo, Brazil

Universität Bremen, 
March 2017
ECORD Virtual Drilling
Bremen, Germany

MIT Sloan+ CSAIL, Massachusetts
September 2020
Artificial Intelligence
Distance Learning


Marine Renewable Resources Coalition                      September 2020- present
     Project Consultant
          Marion, MA- Buzzards Bay
Marine Imaging Technologies   
 April 2019- present
     Marine Science Technician, Charter Captain
          Pocasset, MA- Buzzards Bay

South Coast Yacht Management                               
November 2017- present
     Citizen Science Project Coordinator, Captain, Technical Director
          Mattapoisett, MA- North Atlantic

One Ocean Expeditions   
                                           August - December 2019
     Adventure Scientist, Wet Lab Concierge, Zodiac Captain 
          Northwest Passage and Baffin Bay
Project Oceanology                                                   February - May 2018
     Marine Science Educator, 1st Mate, OUPV
          Groton, CT

Poseidon Expeditions                                                 July 2016
     Expedition Staff Geologist, Lecturer, Zodiac Captain 
          Geographic North Pole, Franz Josef Land  

Integrated Statistics                                                  December 2015- March 2016
     NEFOP Journeyman Editor
          Falmouth, MA

Fathom Research                                                      September 2015-  March 2016
     NOAA Fisheries Observer, Marine Biologist, Diver
          New Bedford, MA

Fish 'n Tales                                                               June - September 2015
     Marine Science Educator, 1st Mate
          Newport, RI

University of Rhode Island                                         
     Graduate School of Oceanography                      September 2012 to May 2013  
          Divemaster and Scientific Diver                            
     Geosciences Department                                      September to December 2012
          Geophysics E-Resources researcher


eXXpedition Round the World                                    October 2019 
     Ocean Scientist, Educator, Guest Crew
          Plymouth, UK to San Miguel, Azores (Leg 1)
Multiyear sailing voyage and research mission collecting microplastic and ocean toxins data, contributing to cutting edge scientific research and solutions- based thinking.  www.exxpedition.com

Sedna Epic Expedition                                                 August 2018
     Marine Scientist, Educator, Scuba Instructor 
          Northwest Passage and Baffin Bay
Bringing the ocean to eye level via the mobile aquariums & ROV workshops, to local Inuit in the Arctic, creating a knowledge exchange while preparing for a historic snorkel relay of the Northwest Passage. www.sednaepic.com


Grenier, B., K. Hruby, and K. Vincent, 2014. Assessing Sediment Transport from Rivers to the Ocean Through Relative Calcium Carbonate Levels, Transport Systems, and Phytoplankton Biodiversity in Seafloor Sediments. Unpublished student research paper, S-256, Sea Education Association, Woods Hole, MA.
Capello, C., Z. Collins, M. DaSilva, B. Grenier, 2015, Climate Change Impact Assessment: Narragansett. Unpublished student research paper, ECC-355, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.
Grenier, B. 2014. Cross Cultural Comparison: Cannibalistic Aztecs to Corporate America. Unpublished student research paper, COM-100, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.
Grenier, B., 2014. Maori Headhunting: The Reclamation of the Ta Moko Culture. Unpublished student research paper, Class S-256, Sea Education Association, Woods Hole, MA.
Grenier, B., 2010. Tattoo Acceptance in the Workplace in Southern New England. Unpublished student research paper, WRT-106, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.

Conference Presentations

OSS Self-eSTEAM Conference- November 2019
     Creating your Own Opportunities:Ocean Entrepreneur 
MME Boston Harbor Educators Conference- October 2019
     Inspiring Conservation through Sports and Recreational Activities
MME Life in the Extreme Conference- May 2019
     Bringing the Ocean to Eye-level