Captain Breezy Grenier, FRGS is a multidisciplinary ocean scientist by education; mariner, educator, and business entrepreneur by trade. She is a modern day explorer with the ocean being her home, her workplace, and her playground. Breezy's diverse, yet cohesive background helps bridge vital gaps between industry, discipline, and education. Her hands on approach, utilizes what she has learned from her experiences, and adapts it to the needs of employment, to develop common sense solutions. A proud, US Coast Guard veteran and licensed 100 ton captain, Breezy brings forth strong leaderships skills, strength, forethought, safety awareness, and logistical aptitude in all of her contract positions. Her patience and calming demeanor, makes her approachable, and with her high attention to detail and ability to adapt, makes her a great team player.

A person of renaissance, her years are well beyond her age. Breezy's broad-based skill set has brought her to work from both land and sea, everywhere from the North Pole down to Antarctica. She has over 16 years experiences as an instructor/ educator, and synchronously worked in both the service and tourism industries, managing an international staff.  She has 14 years as a professional mariner, and over 5 years experience in project management, and field research. Her employment foundation is a combination of construction and equipment fabrication, travel and logistics, customer service, accounting and grant writing, networking, public speaking, and educational outreach,all  in addition to her ocean sciences background. She has worked on a wide variety of both motor and sailing vessels, from buoy tenders, ice breakers and research vessels, to fishing and charter boats, to diving and service support, and hydrographic survey vessels. She has served as everything from the captain, marine science technician, safety officer, scientist, educator, dive master, and chef.

Breezy, not only challenges herself by continuing her education and training, but looks share and inspire the next generation, both young and old, to engage and empower citizens to climate actions, and to promote healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyles. She exemplifies how participating in sports and hobbies can contribute to valuable scientific research and be the forerunner for consumer driven environmental change. 

"Only 5% of the ocean has been explored. Let me rephrase that- a planet home to 7 billion people, only 5% of the ocean floor has been seen by human eyes. I hope I am not the only person who thinks that is disturbing. The age of discovery is not over, from what we learn from our oceans, a database can be created of information needed to better understand global change, filling gaps in the unknown to convey reliable and honest science that is foundational to providing prescience about the future."