✦ U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, 100 ton USCG Master Captain
✦ Multidisciplinary scientist: Geology, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Underwater Archaeology
✦ Explorers Club Member National
✦Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society
✦Dedicated, self-stater, team player with the ability to lead, work independently, and follow directions
✦ Ability to communicate with individuals across different ages, disciplines, industries, and languages across multiple platforms (in-person, telephone, internet, social media)


University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI                                         Dec 2015
          Bachelors of Science in Geology and Geological Oceanography
          Minors: Marine Biology and Underwater Archaeology
                    Extra Curricular Activities: Snowboarding and Ski Club President '11-'14, 
                                    Surf Club Travel Chair '11-'13, Scuba Club Divemaster '12-'15, 
                                    Student Veterans Member '10-'15, Geology Club Member '10-'15

New Fairfield High School, New Fairfield, CT                                   June 2006
          Diploma with Highest Distinction
                    Extra Curricular Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Cross Country,
                      Latin Club, FBLA, UCONN High School Co-op  (Classical Latin Studies)

Study Abroad

University of Texas at Austin, Antarctica and the Scotia Arc                  Winter 2013
          Jackson School of Geosciences & Geological Society of America's Travels in Geology
SEA Semester, Global Oceans Program,  New Zealand                         Fall 2014
Littoral, pelagic, and benches geological oceanographic research 

Continued Education

University of Geneva, Porto Cheli, Greece                                             August 2016
          Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes

University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil                                            December 2016
          hGISs Seafloor exploration and geological sampling equipment 

University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany                                             March 2017
          ECORD Virtual Drilling Experience, IODP Core Repository

Professional Experience

Freedom Boat Club, Greater Boston and Cape Cod                                          Apr 2018- pres
Training Captain, Charter Captain
          Providing instruction on operating a vessel, effectively adapted teaching methods and
          instructional knowledge to exceed FBC policy standards to meet the developing needs
          of each unique member
Sedna Epic Expedition, Northwest Passage, Canada                                     Mar 2018- pres
        Ocean Scientist, Educator, and Explorer
          Serving as a member of a all female team, with plans to complete a historic snorkel
          relay of the Northwest passage, serving as a role model, providing polar diving
          knowledge and instruction, and continuing education outreach and knowledge
          exchange in local Inuit communities, bringing the ocean to eye level

Breezy Seas
, Southern New England                                                                 May '12- pres
        Owner, Mariner, Educator, Scientist, Explorer
          Providing services as a licensed captain, and working aboard vessels under various
          roles, travels around the Northeast and beyond giving ocean and polar science and
          exploration lectures and workshops to schools and social groups. Acting as a liaison,
          running, collecting and analyzing science experiments  during various expeditions.

MATE Internship Program
, Alaskan High Arctic                                             Oct-Dec 2018
          STARC (SOI & OSU) Tech watch stander, WHOI science support aboard USCGC Healy
          Standing 12 hour watches, monitoring oceanographic data collection systems,
          providing instruction on equipment [and] deployment operations and serving as a
          liaison between the science party and the Coast Guard crew.

Project Oceanology, Groton, CT                                                                       Feb- May 2018
        OUPV, 1st Mate, Marine Science Educator
           Working aboard 65' hands-on training research vessel,  providing instruction on
          equipment [and] deployment operations of oceanographic equipment, conducting
          marine mammal observations, and instructing marine science lectures and labs to
          middle, high school, and college students including the general public.

Poseidon Expeditions, Franz Josef Land and the Geographic North Pole       July 2016
          Expedition Staff trainee, Geologist, Zodiac Operations
          Served as part of a cohesive team on the Russian Nuclear Icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy,
          participated in citizen science sea ice observations data collection, marine geology
          lecturer, and  zodiac skipper.

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Marshall Islands     Mar- Apr 2016
        Mapping Watchstander, Explorer-in-Training program aboard R/V Okeanos Explorer
          Explorer in Training Program, completing the acquisition and processing of multi beam
          sonar data and associated sound velocity profile data.

Integrated Statistics, Falmouth, MA                                                               Dec '15- Mar '16  
          NEFOP Journeyman Editor
          Edits and analyzes fisheries electronic monitoring footage, creates and distributes
          public outreach sources about the NOAA observer program. Researches, purchases, and
          assembles educational training materials. CAC Card holder.

Fathom Research LLC, New Bedford, MA                                                         Sep '15- Mar '16
          Marine Biologist, Scuba Diver
          NOAA At Sea Monitor, deploys on fishing boats and collects data, documenting by
          catch and discards, including marine mammal observations. Scientific diver assists
          with both inspections and video monitoring. CAC Card holder.
Scuba Made Easy, Jamestown, RI                                                                    Sep '11- Oct '15
        Scuba Instructor, Dive Master aboard Salty Dog
          Effectively adapted teaching methods and instructional knowledge to exceed NAUI
          standards to meet the developing needs of each unique student. 

Marine Technology Society, Washington, DC                                                Feb '14- Sep '15
          Council Student Representative
          Attended conferences and provides a student's perspective on all issues pertaining to
          MTS, especially the Blue Economy and young professional retainment, presented to
          the Council.  

Fish 'n Tales, Newport, RI                                                                                  May- Sep '15
          1st Mate and Marine Science Educator
          Worked aboard a 50' ecotourism lobster/fishing vessel, created educational programs
          on the history and ecology of Newport Harbor, conducted scientific dives collecting
          and surveying channel whelk.

University of Rhode Island
, Kingston, RI 
          Divemaster and Scientific Diver                                                        Sep '12- May '13
          Assisted with instruction of AAUS Scientific diver certification course.
          Geosciences Dept. Geophysics E-Resources researcher                Sep '12- Dec '12
          Collected supplemental educational material to help serve different learning abilities
          of students.

United States Coast Guard, Alaska, California, Maine                                  Sep '06- Sep '10
          Petty Officer 3rd Class
          Food Service Specialist, Health Promotion Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and
          liaison, and deckhand.

Candlewood Lake Authority, Sherman, CT                                                    Sep '03- Jun '06
         Student Researcher, Project CLEAR
          Instructed students on the history of and pollution problems on Candlewood Lake, as
          well as basic water and soil testing techniques. Expanded skills in problem solving and
          investigated ways to better educated the general public. Assisted in research towards
          (3) published reports by Education Connection, Connecticut DEP, Western Connecticut
          State University and the Candlewood Lake Authority.  

Work Experience

S&S Subsea Marine Service Group, Inc., Fort Myers, Fl                              Apr '18- pres
          Relief Captain
          Serves as licensed 2nd captain aboard 105' diving and service support vessel in the
          Gulf of Mexico. Ensuring safety of the vessel, guests, and crew during operations.

Ensor, Mattapoisett, MA                                                                                     Oct '17- pres
        Licensed Captain, Stewart and Provisions, 55' Baltic S/V
          Standing watch and ensuring safety and logistics of vessel operations during charters,
          deliveries, and races.

Yawgoo Valley Ski Area
, Exeter, RI                                                                 Nov '10- pres
          Hill Captain, Snowboarding Instructor, Instructor Trainer
          Effectively  adapted teaching methods and instructional knowledge to exceed ski area
          policy and AASI standards to meet the developing needs of each unique student
          and staff member. Previously worked at Breckenridge Resort ('13/'14), Sugarloaf
          Mountain Resort ('08-'10), and Thunder Ridge Ski Area (05'-'07)
Ballard's Marina, Block Island, RI                                                                    May '10- pres
          Dockmaster, Marina Concierge Representative
          Managing marina operations including berthing status, boat movements, marina
          maintenance, and marine environmental conditions.
Old Harbor Bike Shop,  Block Island, RI                                                          Jun '05- pres
          Senior Dynamic Functionality Manager
          Overseas a fast paced, seasonal rental shop, performing rental agreements and
          tourism related customer service duties, trains and managers an workforce of between
          15 and 25 international employees.

Expedition Unknown, Block Island, RI                                                            October 2016
          Production Assistant: The Search for Captain Kids Treasure
          Served as a local knowledge liaison for the  production crew.

J. Cairo Enterprise
, Block Island, RI                                                                 May '14- Nov '17
          Duties include preparing and sending out monthly billing statements, review and
          record accounts payable, created marketing and promotional material including
          uniform design and logo, recruited new customers, and scheduling law care service.