Creator, Breezy Grenier, has been fortunate to have grown up surrounded by friends and family who were significantly older than her, many to this day in their 80s and 90s. She remembers as a child (even know) always being inspired by their stories, always eager to learn what knowledge and skills they wanted to pass along, and just genuinely preferred their company over many of her peers. With the unique ability to communicate across ages and disciplines, she has had several strong mentors in her life to help guide her in her accomplishments and continued exploration of our planet. In a quickly changing world, Breezy has seen a growing gap between our elders and youth. The idea came of Eco-Elders came to her while giving lectures on ocean and polar science to schools and social groups, which included visits to senior centers. Inspired by the elderly’s questions and stories from their past, she wished to create an opportunity to further connect senior citizens with their grandchildren and other local youth, to help promote reducing and reusing, to aid in our ever growing ocean pollution problem. We have been quickly becoming a single use society, and its human nature to change our habits and practices by force rather than choice. During the Great Depression and Great Recession, society adapted to financial stress and came up with new and innovative ways to reuse and save, which coincidently led to a great reduction in waste. Why did our habits change? The financial burden was removed and humans by nature, went to habits that were easier. Instead of working and saving for things that were a necessity, we started buying things for pleasure, we stopped reusing. More prosperity meant more consumer goods and greed caused them to be made cheaper. We have been walking away from a path of quality and filling our lives with quantity. When did goods and products become more important than having deep, meaningful relationships with people? Our elders have of knowledge and compassion to share. We can learn both from their achievements and failures. Ideas can also be triggered by new approaches, you know when kids say the darnedest things, and it makes you rethink something! We need to attack the ocean pollution problem from both ends. We need to put in our efforts to help clean up existing garbage, but we also need to try and cut back our waste to prevent it from the beginning. The overlying goal is to create a community through lectures and workshops where we can teach, share, and learn from each other ways to help reduce our carbon footprint. Let us bring back meaningful relationships. Let us go outside and enjoy our planet. Let us bring back what it means to be human.
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